Facetune APK v1.1.4 Download for Android

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Facetune APK free download for android. Get the perfect selfie app for your smartphone. 

Facetune APK is a photo editing app which comes with loads of features with the help of which, you can get the perfect picture quality which you were looking for. is a complete photo editing app which has plenty of tools to achieve the perfect result you were looking for. There is a lot to offer in this app and you can share every new photo by editing it to a whole new level.

Currently, almost every person uses a smartphone and all that they are crazy about is taking a selfie and uploading it on social media to share it with their friends and family. With powerful cameras nowadays, the need for DSLR has diminished by a long margin.

facetune apk

Download Facetune v1.1.4 APK For Android


Facetune APK is one of the best apps for you to use if you want to enhance your image. Since the app is unavailable on the Google PlayStore, you will have to install the APK version of the Facetune app. To download the APK version of the app, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps which we have mentioned below and you will be gold to go. The steps to follow are:

  1. The first step you need to follow is to make sure that you are able to download the APK version of the app. You need to have your installation from unknown sources turned on. To do so, you need to go the settings, security and then you need to enable the downloads from unknown sources.
  2. Now, click on the link which has been given below and wait for your APK version of the app to install.
  3. Now go to the downloads of your movie, where you will find the APK version of the app.
  4. Open it and click on install which will initiate your installation process.
  5. Once done, you will see the installed APK version on your home screen.

Many apps on the Google Play Store claim to increase the quality of your selfie and improve your selfie taking skills.

However, to help you get clear of all the confusions which you could possibly have, we have come with this article to help you know about one of the best apps for enhancing your selfies and uploading it on social platforms. The app is Facetune app, which is there for Android users. This app can enhance your looks and your images.

Overall, it is a great app to have and we will tell you why you need to have this app in your Android devices and we will help you download and install this app in your Android devices as well.

Features of Facetune APK

There are a few key features of Facetune v1.1.4  APK which tempts the users to download the APK version of the Facetune app. Some of the most astonishing features of Facetune APK are:

  • You can redefine and widen your smile with their user-friendly teeth whitening tool feature.
  • You can edit the dark circles under your eyes, remove blemishes and even rejuvenate your skin with the help of this app.
  • Not only this, Facetune APK also allows you to focus your eyes for penetrating gaze, remove red and white-eye effect, change eye color and a lot of other things.
  • You can refine your jawline, highlight your cheekbones and eyebrows, give a more enhanced definition to your face and much more.
  • You can add volume to your eyelashes, shape your eyebrows, shade your eyeshadow and a lot of other things with Facetune APK.
  • You can also improve your selfie taking skills using the Facetune APK because this app enhances the selfie you take and it adds special effects, improve lightning and unique textures.
  • You can apply customizable features to the entire photo as well as certain areas, according to what you please.
  • To make your photo your own, you can add artistic touches to the pic too
  • You can share your photos with family members and friends with just one click through email or any other social media platform.

Conclusion: FaceTune APK Free Download for Android

Having Facetune APK in your device is always a plus point. The app is safe to use and is full of excellent features and quality which will enhance your pictures and you will be able to share all your pictures on social media, with your friends and your family.

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